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Resolutions and Papers
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Resolutions and position papers are acted upon at WPHA’s annual meeting, which is held in conjunction with the annual conference (May).  Resolutions and positions papers can be submitted by WPHA Members. Current WPHA bylaws indicate that resolutions and positions papers must be available to the membership at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.  Resolutions and position papers must also be reviewed by a committee and the WPHA board prior to being made available to the membership.  Thus, resolutions and position papers should be submitted early in the calendar year.

(adopted from the American Public Health Association)

Resolution: A statement of a specific action, series of actions, or a principle endorsed by the Association, and usually directed toward a specific external individual, organization, or event.

Policy Resolution: A concise statement of the Association's stance on specific issues affecting the health of the public. It may inform, exhort, show support (or lack of support) for programs or legislation or describe a course of action. It represents a new statement on the part of the Association, or a substantial modification or extension of existing policy of the Association.

Non-Policy Resolution: A concise statement by the Association on non-policy matters, such as the commemoration of a significant event.

  1. Statement of the problem. The reasons for the proposed action need to be documented. Each reason needs to begin with a participle phrase (e.g., "believing that", "recalling that", etc.).
  2. Statement of the desired action(s). The desired action(s) needs to be appropriate to the problem and feasible for the Association to undertake. Each desired action needs to be stated in a single phrase beginning with the action present tense of the verb (e.g., "requests", "notes", "expresses", etc.) and listed consecutively.
  3. Statement of the impact. May include cost to WPHA to implement recommended action, impact on public health.
  4. Length. No longer than 300 words.
Sample Resolution Format

Position Papers
1. Statement of the problem.
2. Purpose of the position paper.
3. Objectives to be attained.
4. The actions desired.
5. Methods for implementation.
6. Fiscal and public health impact statement.
7. Length: No longer than ten (10) typed, double-spaced pages.

Email your resolution to the WPHA office, at Questions can be directed to 920-882-3650.

2018 Resolutions


 2017 Resolutions
No resolutions presented 

2016 Resolutions
No resolutions presented.


2015 Resolutions
Statewide Ban of E-Cigarettes in Public Places (from 2014)
Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Climate and Health 

2010 Resolutions
Benefits of Prevention-based Programs and Policies
Increased Public Health Funding for Wisconsin
Achieving Health Equity

2009 Resolution
Family Preparedness in the Event of a Disaster or Public Health Emergency

2007 Resolutions
The Integration of Physical Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse 2006 Resolutions
Smoke Free Meeting Places
2005 Resolutions
Minors Seeking Reproductive Health Care

Click here for a complete list of WPHA resolutions. Contact the WPHA office at or 920-882-3650 to request a copy of an archived resolution not listed above.
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