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Software Expressions, Inc.




Software Expressions has been helping the medical community with software solutions for over 30 years and has worked with Public Health Departments since 2008.

We understand the needs of public health departments with an emphasis on preventative care solutions. This requires a unique software combination. One that offers ease of use, flexible charting options, and a robust scheduling system.

Our software is integrated to WIR and WEDSS, eliminating any duplication of efforts because we know how valuable your time is.

We recognize that each health department is unique and that is why the software is available by different modules. You select the items that best fit your health department.

We facilitate on-going work development meetings with multiple public health departments to collaborate on the software and share experiences.




Collaborate, Customize, and Implement Software Solutions

Provision Software brings automation and simplicity to your health department



Provision Software

The software provides automation to Public Health Departments and continues to progress with new features that are designed by our clients.

  • Integration with WIR including inventory reduction
  • Multi-user scheduling with Master Calendar to track clinics and events
  • Intake requests by assigned nurse with productivity tracking
  • Track services rendered as Radon, SHARPS, Lead and Water Levels
  • Inventory System for medical supplies, bike helmets, safe sleep boxes and more
  • Outreach to community by phone, text, and email for important alerts, reminders and follow up.
  • Offset costs by automated clean claim billing to insurance carriers
  • Electronic signature pad for client consents and HIPAA policies
  • Create your own fillable forms
  • Produce letters to clients with key information populated
  • Generate Vaccine Administration, Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Animal Bite Forms
  • Eligibility tracking prior to client’s visit – batched by appointments or walk ins
  • Flexible charting
  • Auto Post of Remittances from Insurance companies
  • Integration with WEDSS
  • Reporting of data to WISHIN
  • Time Tracking
  • Ability to integrate to your Accounting / Finance software systems
  • Generate reports on any data in the system

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