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WISHeS Project Resources
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The project has developed the following resources based on the 2012 WISHeS: School Health Services Assessment Tool results. These resources are currently in draft form and being piloted in fifteen school districts in Wisconsin. They are available as is for other school districts to use with the understanding that they are first drafts and have not yet been field tested. Any user feedback is encouraged. Final versions of all the resources will be available upon completion of this project at the end of 2015.

Emergency Nursing Services Sample Policies and Procedures
The sample emergency nursing services policies and procedures (administrative rules) include the following:

  • Injury and illness management
  • Training for non-health care staff providing nursing services
  • Administration of first aid and illness and injury management
  • Competency verification and documentation of non-health care staff providing nursing services

District Hired School Nurse Policy and Procedure
Consult School Nurse Policy and Procedure

Care of the Student with Special Healthcare Needs:
An online training for unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP).

The interactive training covers topics such as:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Oral care
  • Feeding
  • Transfers
  • Diapering

The intent of the training is to provide UAPs with the basic knowledge required to care for students who are in need of these interventions while at school. The training incorporates the themes of compassion, empathy, patience, understanding and self-care. Care of the Student with Special Healthcare Needs also has a skills check off sheet the UAP prints at the completion of the training so they can complete the skills training with a licensed staff person. 

Care of Student with Special Needs

Concussion Management Sample Policy and Procedure

The sample policy and procedure for concussion management includes the following:

  • Role of the nurse in concussion management.
  • Assessment and evaluation of possible concussion.
  • Removal of student with concussion or head injury from athletic activity participation.
  • Possible classroom accommodations for students with concussions.
  • Return to learn and return to play guidelines.

Concussion Policy and Procedure

Food Allergies: Managing and Preventing Acute Reactions in the School Setting
The best practice guidelines provide school administrators, school nurses and staff with information, recommended policies, procedures and resources to ensure that students diagnosed with anaphylactic food allergies have a safe learning environment. The best practice guideline recommendations provide recommended action steps for schools and school districts.

Food Allergy Best Practice Guidelines

The Injury and Illness Protocols:
These are meant to serve as basic first aid and illness management and are intended to be used by staff without medical/nursing training, when a nurse or other medical professional is not available. It is recommended that the protocols be reviewed and approved by the school district’s medical advisor. It is also recommended that staff who are responsible for providing first aid and illness management to children complete an approved first aid and CPR course. In order to perform CPR safely and effectively, skills should be practiced in the presence of a trained instructor and reviewed yearly. 

Injury and Illness Protocols

Medication Administration Sample Policy and Procedures
The sample medication administration policies and procedures (administrative rules) include the following:

  • Delegation of medication administration.
  • Training for non-health care staff on medication administration.
  • Competency verification and documentation of non-health care staff.
  • Management of medication administration on field trips.
  • Tracking and review of medication errors.
  • Quality improvement activities.
  • Medication disposal.

Administering Medications to Students Policy and Procedure
Medication Disposal Procedure
Medication Error Procedure
Staff Administration of Glucagon Policy and Procedure
Staff Administration of Non-Student Specific Epinephrine Policy
Student Self-Administration of Emergency Medications

School Nurse Procedure Manual
The procedure manual is a mobile website that will be accessible on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The mobile website will include step-by-step instructions on how to perform a select number of nursing interventions in the school setting. The mobile website will provide videos and pictures of the nursing intervention being performed, as appropriate.

School Nursing Procedure Mobile Website

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