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2. Comprehensive Child Passenger Safety Program


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A prime opportunity to address safe transportation for children exists during various patient touch points at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Upon admission to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, all children are screened for their child passenger safety needs. Hospital Care Partners on the inpatient units are trained as car seat educators to provide car seat education (consults) to caregivers and, when needed, distribute car seats. A similar process occurs in the emergency department for children who were involved in a motor vehicle crash and need a new car seat. In addition to the hospital program, all staff that transport children in our community services department are trained on appropriate use and installation of specific car seats used for transporting children. The hospital also provides community events and car seat clinic where families can come and have their car seats checked or receive a car seat at a reduced cost. It can be confusing, in a large healthcare organization and in the community, to keep track of how everything fits together, who is trained and what resources are available.


Ashley Cleary BS, CHES, CPST -
Children's Wisconsin

LaShonda Kendrick, BA, CPST - Children's Wisconsin
Jane Howard, MS, CPSTI - Children's Wisconsin


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