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Career Opportunities with REAL potential

There are limitless career paths in public health. So many ways to improve the lives of others in your community and beyond. What are your strengths? Where do your interests lie? No matter what your answers to those questions are, there is a place for you in public health! There is an ever-growing need for public health professionals in a broad range of fields.


Opportunities Include:

• Global Health    • Biostatistics and Information   • Epidemiology   • Community Health    • Environmental Health

• Nutrition and Dietetics   • Health Education   •  Health Administration   •  Public Health Policy   • Public Health Nursing


Funding Your Public Health Degree

Whether you choose to attend a technical school or pursue an associate, bachelor, master or doctorate degree, there are many ways to make your public health degree more affordable:
 • Scholarships and grants – some exclusively for African American, Hispanic and Latino students
 • Loan forgiveness programs
 • Other financial support

Explore the possibilities. Make obtaining financial assistance a priority, setting aside a few hours every week. Now’s the time to start your search!


Powerful Learning Opportunities

There are lots of summer learning programs, pre-college programs, networking and mentoring opportunities, co-ops and paid internships available to high school and college students interested in a public health career – whether you’ve already decided it’s for you, or want to learn what it’s like.

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