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Career Opportunities with REAL Potential


Global Health

Put your knowledge and skills to work to impact the health of people in developing countries the world over. Global health addresses concerns such as infectious diseases, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, aging, and the health effects of war, natural disasters, poverty and substandard living conditions.

Career Opportunities

• International health organizations (such as WHO)

• Governmental Agencies

• Non-Governmental agencies (NGOs)

• Disaster relief organizations

• Refugee health organizations

• Research and academic institutions


Biostatistics and Information

Today’s ongoing wealth of healthcare research and technology produces an avalanche of data which must be collected, coordinated and analyzed. Biostatisticians translate this data into meaningful information that can be used by healthcare professionals and agencies to provide increasingly advanced healthcare services.

Career Opportunities

• Biostatistician

• Systems analyst

• Database administrator



Like detective work? When disease or sickness strike, epidemiologists are on the case. As an epidemiologist, you’ll become an expert in the causes and control of disease. You’ll use statistical analysis, biology and clinical science to investigate an outbreak, discover the source, and find ways to keep it from spreading.

Career Opportunities

 • Epidemiologist

 • Infection Control

 • Professor

 • Veterinary Epidemiologist


Community Health

Community health workers pursue many different paths, but one thing they have in common is dedication. As a community health worker, you can work in any setting, rural to metropolitan. You are the link between the healthcare and social service system and, typically, those with limited access to necessary resources. You can work out in the community, in health facilities, government agencies and nonprofits.

Career Opportunities

•  Health Centers & Hospitals

•  Disease prevention and chronic disease management programs

•  Policy and Advocacy work

•  Community development and improved access to care programs

Environmental Health

Love science and want to make the world a safer place to live? Environmental health professionals work to improve the quality of the air we breathe; our food, water and soil; and our homes and workplaces. Using science and technology, you’ll help research, prevent and create awareness for environmental hazards, and mitigate the damage they cause.

Career Opportunities

•  State, county and city health agencies

•  Environmental consulting companies

•  Non profit organizations

•  Private corporations

•  Federal government

•  International organizations


The awareness of the impact of a healthy diet on wellness and prevention of disease has made nutrition careers one of the fastest growing public health paths. Nutritionists and dietitians are in demand in hospital and clinic settings, care facilities, community programs, food service operations, food manufacturing, corporate wellness programs, and more. Proper nutrition has become a number-one priority.

Career Opportunities

•  Community dietitian

•  Clinical dietitian

•  Nutrition Technician for Bilingual patients

•  Home health care nutritionist

•  Nutrition Education Specialist

•  Corporate dietician

Health Education

Health Educators work with people on improving behaviors that impact their overall health and wellness. If you are working in a health education, you will most likely find yourself developing and implementing strategies (events, education programs, workshops) that are focused on improving the health of identified at risk populations. Health Educators often use primary and secondary data to identify and discuss health concerns within specific populations or communities. Where a Health Educator practices their profession, influences the type of work, populations and environments they work with.

Career Opportunities

·       Health Educator

·       Wellness Specialist

·       Grant Manager

·       Program Coordinator

·       Outreach Specialist

Health Administration

A career in health administration can put you in a leadership role in settings ranging from small physicians groups to massive healthcare systems, from health insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies to makers of medical equipment. You’ll be responsible for smooth operation, financial bottom line and the planning, coordination and implementation of medical and health services.

Career Opportunities

•  Managing a hospital, clinic, nursing home, hospital network or entire healthcare system

•  Wellness program administrator

•  Health services management for local, state, federal agencies

Public Health Policy

Policy effects can be felt almost everywhere, especially when it comes to your health. Public health policies, for example, the tobacco polices set in place by states, have made huge impacts on the prevalence of smokers and also lung cancer rates. Another policy example, that doesn’t have a health topic in the name, are transportation policies that can greatly hinder or encourage increased physical activity in our neighborhoods. Public Health Policy workers can work at advocacy organizations and non-profits, local and state health departments, or with elected officials.

Career Opportunities

• Public Health Researcher

•  Healthcare Policy Analyst

•  Health Services Manager

• Public Health Lawyer

•  Legislative Policy Advisory

Public Health Nursing

Public health nurses (PHN) work in communities to enhance the health of population groups and individuals through the application of nursing knowledge to the community. A PHN’s work can include solving problems like obesity, STD’s and managing immunizations. PHN is a highly held career, due to the nature of the work and experience they bring to the public health field. Individuals who enjoy multifaceted work while remaining independent, should consider a career in public health nursing.

Career Opportunities

•  County or state health departments

•  Correctional health facilities

•  Occupation health facilities

•  Local businesses

•  Schools


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