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Healthiest State Summit

The Wisconsin Healthiest State Summit is an effort of the Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) Group at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. Wisconsin has a long legacy of a strong commitment to advancing the public’s health and we are excited to continue and deepen this work. The Healthiest State Summit will build on the foundation of the Prevention Conference, which set the stage for cross-cutting skill development of public health leaders and coalitions. The Healthiest State Summit also aims to advance shared action on conditions that advance health equity and community well-being. Through engaging networks, coalitions, and multi-stakeholder partnerships, the Healthiest State Summit will not focus on any particular health issue, but will:

  • Convene and support diverse leaders in setting and taking action on a common agenda to align and catalyze efforts (e.g. policy agenda, funder agenda, shared metrics);
  • Provide capacity building and support to address cross-cutting needs, challenges and opportunities; and
  • Advance a shared narrative that expands the understanding of what shapes health and equity.


Healthiest State Summit Staff - MATCH Group, UW Population Health Institute

  • Ann McCall, Communications and Project Manager
  • Lexi Handrick, Graduate Project Assistant
  • Paula Tran Inzeo, Director


MATCH Group 
The Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) group works with partners to start, catalyze, and sustain community-driven action on root causes and social determinants of health inequity. The MATCH group does this by:

  • Improving practice, including using health equity and collaborative leadership approaches
  • Developing and disseminating data to action and tools for change
  • Building capacity and convening for action through supporting training programs, providing technical assistance, leading learning and action networks, building alliances, and supporting statewide alignment


Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State
The Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State project seeks to help us understand and improve health across Wisconsin. Primary aims of the project are:

  1. Measure, assess, and report on Wisconsin’s health and health disparities
  2.  Support local efforts in health improvement
  3. Support statewide impact on policy, systems, and environmental changes for health

Efforts of the Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State project include:

  • Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State Summit
  • Wisconsin Healthy Communities Designation
  • Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin (www.improvingwihealth.org)
  • Healthiest State reports: Trends Report, Report Card