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The Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA) is building a healthier, safer Wisconsin through policy and partnership. Standing up for public health issues in Wisconsin for more than 60 years, WPHA continuously explores new opportunities to advance health. Current efforts focus on policy, resources and training, and increasing public awareness of public health.

This online community is one way members can share, collaborate, exchange and grow. Explore all the options and join WPHA in its work to create a healthier, safer Wisconsin for all.

We encourage our Public Health Partners and other website visitors to explore the WPHA online community to learn more about the work being done to continue to improve and protect Wisconsin's health. Learn about our membership benefits and consider joining WPHA!

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Ebola Resources

Ebola disease - also called Ebola fever or ebola hemorrhagic fever - is a rare and often fatal illness that humans and nonhuman primates can contract. There have been several outbreaks of the disease in Africa, but the disease has recently made it's way to here in the United States and if the correct prevention measures and protocol to control the disease does not take place, it may spread rapidly.

WPHA recommends some resources to its members to help combat the disease in case it were to make its way to Wisconsin.  Please click here or on the blue button to view resources available.

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